The New Yorker Loves Us! + More Recent Press

"Sylvio is, at heart, a tale of independent artistry and its snares. The result is a generous, achingly tender comedy that offers some of the loopiest, most wondrously inventive humor this side of Jared Hess. (It also nods toward the decorative anachronism and muted bittersweetness of Wes Anderson.)" -Richard Brody, New Yorker.

"Who knew that a film about a shades-bedecked gorilla possessed of a deep, abiding love of hand puppetry could be so moving? Sylvio reads as silly on paper and is only slightly less silly in practice, but that silliness gains degrees of profound absurdist gravity from the cast’s straight-faced approach to the material. Movies about the clash between aesthetic ambition and commercial enterprise rarely feel as warm as Sylvio does." -Paste Magazine.

"My favorite of the films I’ve been able to catch in advance is “Sylvio,” the improbably moving tale of a cubicle drone at a debt collection agency who dreams of someday being a puppeteer. Spun off from the wildly popular “Simply Sylvio” vine series, this beguiling feature from directors Albert Birney and Kentucker Audley mines extraordinary whimsy and pathos from the sight of a man in a cheap gorilla suit wearing people clothes and sunglasses." -WBUR NPR.

New interview: No Film School. "In the early Vine days, I always loved that people would say, "He looks so sad!" And then a couple months later, "He's so happy!" His face hasn't changed; they're putting themselves into it."