The Cheese Curl Count Off

cheese curl count off.jpg

Count How Many Cheese Curls we Hid in the Movie and Win a Free Poster!

While we were filming Sylvio, we hid a number of cheese curls throughout the movie (we had a special crew member whose only job it was to keep a bag of cheese curls handy at all times). We were very diligent to hide them places where they wouldn't be seen unless you were looking for them. Now's your chance to find them. If you can spot the correct amount of cheese curls (within 5 cheese curls) we will send you a free Sylvio poster! But beware: they are hard to find. Here's the first four to get you started...

You can watch the movie on these digital providers: Amazon | iTunes | Vimeo on Demand | Google Play // Thanks in advance for watching. Now get counting!!

Submit your Guess Below (Only 1 guess per person so watch carefully!)

Hints: Bags or piles of cheese curls don't count. Just count the individual hidden ones throughout the scenes. If you see the same cheese curl in the same place in different shots, just count the curl once.


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